The Shade of Blush Inside Your Mouth

I know you can related with me when I say that finding just the right shade of blush can be such a chore. In fact, let’s just call the process an overwhelming one. Walking into Sephora or some other makeup store, and you instantly get bombarded with a gazillion of options. You have to figure our whether you need a cool or warm tone too. Seems like a lot of work, yes? Let me solve this with a quick and easy trick to finding the perfect shade for you.


So here’s what you need to do: first, you need to find yourself a mirror. With the mirror in hand or in front of you, gently pull down your lower lip. I know this may seem like a ridiculous process but  stick with me to the end. So, your lips are pulled down, right? You will see that the color along the inside of your lips is a slightly pink shade. That is the color of the blush that you want to find. Easy right?


Let me explain to you how this works.

You might notice that the color inside your cheeks and your bottom lips are slightly different from the rest of your complexion. While it may be different, it will be sure to complement your skin tone.


Take this for example: if you have fair skin, you might notice that the color in your inner lip is a ceraint shade of pink. To buy the perfect blush for you, all you have to do is to match that shade.


So, I admit, that this may seem like an odd experiment but, hey, if it gives you the results that you need, then who’s complaining, right? Just try this out once and you will never walk into Sephora in a dazed manner ever again.


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