Lippie Problems and Solutions

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adore lipsticks. However, there are times when they can get to be unreliable and end up a mess in our pout. Just take a look at some of these blunders that are often caused by lipstick:


#1: Your lipstick dries out your lips

This is a common issue among those who are fond of using matte lipstick or liquid lipstick that dry up to matte. The good news is that the fix for this is super easy. The solution is in the preparation. You want to moisturize your lips first before you apply lipstick. This means that you want to swipe on balm to your bare lips and allow a few minutes for your puckers to absorb the hydration. Putting on lip primer before your lipstick helps too.


#2: You see lipstick on your teeth all the time

It’s annoying, yes. But this is a pretty easy thing to remedy. All you need to do is to form your lips into an “o” shape and stick in your index finger. Close your lips around said finger and then pull your index out. Any excess lipstick should latch on to your finger instead of your teeth.


#3: You buy a lipstick that has an unflattering shade

Hey, we’ve all been drawn into this. We go to the store, see a box that has such a pretty color, only to end up with an unflattering shade. This is why I cannot stress enough that you should swatch your lipstick before buying it. But more than that, you have to understand your skin’s undertone too. This should help you determine or at least give you an idea whether that lipstick will look good on you.


So those are my top issues and how you and I can address them. I hope you enjoyed this article.

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