Get Rid of Those Bluish-Purple Bags

The truth is that I could write a whole novel about my dark circles. This skin issue has forever plagued my days and I am determined to get to the bottom of things so I can combat it better. If this is a problem for you too, then you might find the article below useful.


Fatigue and genetics

If we were to point our fingers on the culprit, fatigue and genetics take the cake when it comes to causes for dark circles. This means that if you missed out on shut-eye from the night before, there will be more chances of you developing dark circles. Let me explain this further. Fatigue causes an imbalance in water in your body. Furthermore, it requires your body to pump up your cortisol level, which can break down collagen. All this is done so your body can have enough energy for the day ahead.


Now the second culprit: genetics. There are some who are unlucky enough to have been born with thinner skin. Thin skin is more prone to hyperpigmentation.


The bad news

As you grow older, production of collagen gets slower. This means that those under-eye circles are just going to worsen as you mature. This is a natural tendency for skin that gets thinner and loses fat. Your dark circles will become more apparent if you are not careful. Ditch those bad habits as early as now and invest in good eye cream formulas. Keep an eye on your diet too. You want to avoid salty food as those can cause fluid retention and eventually eye puffiness.


The cover-up

If the question lies completely in covering them up, you can always reach out to your trusty concealer. However, if this is a matter of solving dark circles and nipping them right at the bud, make sure that your skin is plumped and have had enough moisture. Don’t forget to rest well also.



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